William Patterson (Pat) Hail, Jr.
Pastor / Executive Director

Pat Hail, Jr. was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada.  During a service at his home church in 1979, God called him to full-time ministry at age 21.  Soon after Pat made his decision public, he felt called to attend Grand Canyon University (a non-denominational Christian college) in Phoenix, Arizona.  After majoring in Religion/Psychology in 1984, Pat continued to fulfill his ministry calling.

With his passion for ministry, he began working in the church early in life and as he grew spiritually he became more hands on as a youth pastor, minister of students and recreation.  With a need to feed his family, his work became bi-vocational.  While mastering a variety of jobs, he was enabled to aid in a range of ministry-related jobs including construction projects for churches all the way up to pastoring and leading church congregations. During the past fifteen years, Pat served as senior pastor for two Arizona churches.

After teaching Crown at West Greenway Baptist Church, he discovered there was a real need for Biblical Stewardship.  He learned of the Biblical Stewardship Series and tested it out in his own church, concerned that it would be a "Crown" copycat.  When he saw that this series went beyond Crown's teaching to include our responsibility to building up God's Kingdom through the church and the people's lives that were impacted, he felt a strong desire to do more.

In September 2006, after much prayer and counsel, Pat began a new path in his ministry journey as the Pastor/Director of Biblical Stewardship Series (BSS).  Pat now travels both nationally and internationally, teaching and leading cluster groups. He teaches, coaches, and mentors Christian Financial Professionals, equipping them to not only teach the Biblical Stewardship Series, but utilize it as a ministry.

Community and professional involvement includes:


  • National Association of Christian Financial Consultants

  • Timothy Plan
    Chaplain (to Christian Financial Professionals)


  • Arizona Southern Baptist Convention
    Committee on Committees

  • Make Waves
    Youth evangelism event


  • Arizona Southern Baptist Convention
    Committee on Committees

  • Grand Canyon Association of Southern Baptist
    DOEM Search Team & Executive Board Member

  • Central Association of Southern Baptists
    Youth Ministries Team, Pastoral Ministries Team, Executive Board Member

  • Arizona Rising Suns Track Club


  • City of Williams, Arizona
    Personnel & Special Projects Teams


  • Meadows Southern Baptist Church

  • West Greenway Baptist Church


  • Panama

  • Cuba

  • Utah

  • Mexico

  • Wales

  • Ireland

One of his biggest concerns for the church today is that we as a society have moved far away from the Bible and its teachings. Occupying our time now are books and commentaries written by men, while forgetting that our priority should be on studying and reading the Word of God.  Pat believes if the church would return to studying the Bible, there would be a radical change in the lives of His people. People need to be instructed on how to handle the Word of God, rightly dividing the Word of Truth. In order to achieve this we must gain a better understanding on the subject of Biblical stewardship. This is done by an evaluation process of how we use our personal time, talent, tithe, temple, and talk. Biblical Stewardship is in essence discipleship, and discipleship is the call of the church today.

Pat believes that scripture alone is the greatest manual for life.  Pat and Janet have three children- Courtney, Caleb, Dylan, and they live in Phoenix, Arizona.


Pastor Pat Hail, Jr.

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"All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works."

2 Timothy 3:16-17
(King James Version)





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